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when you try your best but don’t succeed


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i love tyler the creator


Grease, 1978

Can I just get a hell yeah for the fact that Grease literally took the femininity associated with the colour pink and destroyed it with Rizzo. Is Riz a Pink Lady, with the silk jacket and everything? Yes. Does she wear lipstick like a fierce bitch? Yes. Does she have that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that strikes fear into the hearts of men as they know they wouldn’t be able to handle how badass she is? Hell yes. Does she still get emotional and show that it’s okay to feel upset at things in life? You betcha!
Riz wears pink and heels and is 100% not afraid to whoop your ass in a bitch match. Girly girl my ass. She’s tougher than the T-Birds and she is damn proud.
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the true gay icons

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